About ProfitableWebsite.in

What is MarketersFeed?

What is Profitable Website?

Our Mission: Profitablewebsite.in is here to help you become a Pro Digital Marketer or start/grow an online business for FREE

We Help People: Learn all the necessary skills without spending thousands of dollars on paid online courses.

We Do This By:  We will teach you all of these through my  FREE comprehensive STEP-by-STEP courses ,

I help new entrepreneurs in launching their first online business and generating a passive income online.

Before moving ahead, many of you must be thinking, why should you listen to me? Right!

Who am I to teach all this?

Who am I to teach all this

So to begin with, I started my digital marketing career over 8 years ago.

Today, I along with my team of 50+ people (both freelancers and in-house members) run a portfolio of successful websites and other businesses.

We are actively building new businesses and expanding into various new verticals. (whatever I learn while doing this, I share it on my YouTube channel)

My Primary Income Sources:

  • I have many niche based sites and Youtube channels that generate a consistent stream of monthly revenue.
  • I am also into the business of website flipping. With my years of experience in building profitable websites, we also regularly buy prebuilt successful sites, scale them even further and then sell them at a profit.
  • Affiliate Marketing: I recommend many products and tools that I use myself, and when people purchase them through my link, I get some commission.
  • I also have a company where we refer clients for commercial real estate (online lead generation). This business also gives us a consistent monthly rental income. 
  • I take few consultancy clients as well, since I am trading time for money so I don't do this full time, just few clients a month.
  • I have been spending a lot of time since last few years in learning more about investing. So whatever wealth I have accumulated in the last few years of making money online, I invest it in such a way that it gives me a consistent return of 10-17% per year.
Income Sources

Achieving all this took many years of extreme hardwork. (There is no get rich quick scheme, like many online entrepreneurs)

Unlike other gurus in the market, I have NEVER and WILL NEVER sell any course to you guys.

I will never ask you guys to signup for my email list where after few emails, I will sell you an idiotic course (which 99% of you won't even watch completely even after paying for it).

My 2024 Goals

My 2021 Goals

  • Help at least 1,000,000+ people start their Digital Marketing/Online Business journey for Free.
  • Read 50+ books on my kindle (books related to business, entrepreneurship, health, relationship).
  • Feed atleast 100,000 needy people every month in India through our noble initiative #MissionNoHunger.
  • Building and maintaining a healthy body and getting in the best shape of my life.

Why am I doing this?

What is my benefit? Why am I giving all this valuable knowledge for free? Why am I launching these courses for FREE?

I will be honest. If you like my content, my videos, my free courses, then this will help me in building a strong personal brand. 

My goal is to launch a digital marketing agency soon, building a personal brand will help me get more clients. So it's a win-win for both of us 🙂

Now, some of you might have another doubt!

Am I too late to start?

If you have no idea about online business or have not started on your business idea, worry not, you are not alone neither are you late. 

Watch my free courses to get started.

I have spent countless hours to make the videos of my YouTube channel by adding high quality, engaging and actionable content (No get rich-quick scheme).

Also, I preach what I teach.

So you won't see me showing examples of other people to teach you anything.

Rather every time you will see me implementing everything myself and then sharing my process, wins, and losses with you guys.

Here's to you

I am so proud of each and every one of you. I will make sure that I guide and help you in each and every possible manner to help you build an online income stream.

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